New York City Legend

Alexander Klingspor

Monumental sculpture exhibited publicly at Union Square, New York.


October 2023 - Summer 2024

We're exhibiting at London Art Fair

Stand G12

April 22 - May 13

An exhibition entirely dedicated to three-dimensional art.

MOLLBRINKS exhibits a wide range of modern masters of the 20th century as well as 19th century art but specializes in three artists of the two eras: Anders Zorn, Salvador Dalí, and Marc Chagall.
 IN MORE RECENT YEARS, Mollbrinks has increased its focus on international contemporary artists with an emphasis on international art fairs and public sculpture exhibitions.

Mollbrinks participates at:

May 9th - 12th, 2024 

548 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011


Mollbrinks stand: 2-9


Mollbrinks participates at:



January 2024
Business Design Centre, Islington


Mollbrinks stand: G12


Anders Zorn


Salvador Dalí


A selection of Swedish contemporary artists Mollbrinks work with

Alexander Klingspor

Alexander Klingspor

b. 1977

Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1977, Alexander has studied with various painters in Sweden and USA. He has been making a living as a painter from the age of 22 and has exhibited his work in various parts of USA and Europe. Collectors come from USA, UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Norway.


“I am searching for what will define us in the 21st century by examining the way we utilize our scientific discoveries and technological inventions. These are put into context with certain human behaviors such as our desire to indulge in every conceivable pleasure, our innate need for myths and legends, our ability to upset the order of things whilst we consume all the earthly delights, the way we become products of our self-made environment, and our relentless strive for divine power and control.”

Alexander klingspor

Ralf Arzt

Ralf Arzt

b. 1963

Contemporary Swedish hyperrealist artist working in oil paint.

Ralf Arzt was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He studied in France in 1996-1997 under Beaux Arts teacher Christian Geai. Since 1988 Arzt have regularly shown at exhibitions and worked with galleries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, UK, and Monaco.


In 2001, Arzt began an international collaboration with Opera Gallery, which has galleries in Paris, New York, Miami, London, Geneva, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai. He has exhibited at several of the joint exhibitions at Opera Gallery’s various galleries. Since 2012 he also has exhibited regularly at Albemarle Gallery in London, UK.


Arzt have been represented in Sweden by Mollbrink’s Art Gallery since 2010, and the gallery has held several solo exhibitions, both in the gallery’s own premises in Uppsala and Kungshamn, and on repeated occasions at the 5-star Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

His choice of subject matter embraces majestic seascapes, sensual nudes, and surrealist underwater visions of women
in swirling flowing dresses.

Frank Björklund

Frank Björklund

b. 1960

 Existential Surrealism

Frank paints in an idea world, where all the big questions exists. Politics, environment, sex, philosophy and so on. Where and who are we and where are we going.


The painting goes where the idea takes it. Whichever it´s a still life, a landscape or portraying man, the idea rules.


He uses renaissance allegory’s, everyday objects and modern icons to give you clues where the painting is heading.


Because it´s all a journey.

He paints in the surreal tradition with a modern twist.


As Frank says:

- You´ve got to honor your heroes. That´s why he has a mind like Magritte and follows the painting technique of Dali.

Mollbrinks participates at:

9-12 March 2023
Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö

Alexander Klingspor

Hybrid Speciation No. II