Frank Björklund

Born 1960

The Ballonist

Oil on canvas, 120x90 cm, executed in 2022

There is a plastic island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It´s called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and it is the size of 3 Great Britain. Accumulated through the years, it just floats there, only held together by surface tension.


The whales and sea life have only one chance to make it. To survive they has become refugees. They must leave and to look for a new beginning.


Here you see one of the first to make it. Still with in dreams and high hope.

Frank on titles:

A good title should be like a ticket to a good journey.


The specific words in the title should give you clues and direction to where the painting is heading. Yes, of course, we have different backgrounds and therefore different references and experiences to words. But that only means the journey is different for all of us. The more you can read in to painting the longer ride you will get. Sometimes it never stops. Even though the image is the same…


The painting should have a literary quality. There should be a story, a thought that draws you in. Like the renaissance painters I like to use allegories or more modern icons to give hints and to lead you in. Into the inner landscape of the image.


And with a little luck, into yourself.”


About the artist's creations:

Frank paints in an idea world, where all the big questions exists. Politics, environment, sex, philosophy and so on.

Where and who we are and where are we going.


The painting goes where the idea takes it. Whichever it’s a still life, a landscape or portraying man, the idea rules.


He uses renaissance allegory’s, everyday objects and modern icons to give you clues where the painting is heading. Because it’s all a journey.


He paints in the surreal tradition with a modern twist.

As Frank says: You’ve got to honor your heroes.

That’s why he has a mind like Magritte and follows the painting technique of Dalí

This painting will be exhibited at London Art Fair in Mollbrinks stand, G12.